Thank you!!

A lot of people helped make this dream come true. Some people gave of their time and expertise during the refit, some gave us financial donations or gear we needed for the boat, and all gave us the love and support we needed to finish the refit and go sailing. We are so very grateful to all of you!! (sincere apologies for any omissions!!!)

Phinn and Joanna Sprague and Portland Yacht Services

Mary Beth Teas

Scott Teas

Dave Fields

Bernadette and Douglas Bernon

Dan Piltch

Jane and Peter Collins

Peter and Steven Collins and families

Len Zusa

Al Schober

all the folks on the Cruising World Bulletin Board

Beth from Great Diamond Island

Dr. Tom Ervin

Tony Elmquist

Fran Elmquist

Mike Faulkingham

Fred Dodge

The Konnersmans

Whitney Wirth

Beth from the internet

Amy Scheffler

Chris Birgee

Cym Hughes

Harro Jakel

Josh and Lisa Teas

Chris and Alexander Teas

Fred & Barabara Clifford

Rodd Collins

Bob & Suzy Martin

Sabre Yachts

Lyman Morse Yachts