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The List

Here's the master list for this massive undertaking. It's in rough chronological order. We'll be adding more as the months go by, for sure!

PROJECT Date begun In Progress Date Finished Notes Done!
Remove bottom paint 8/15/02   10/7/02 Horrible job!  
Remove ports & hatches 9/02   10/02 Use Anti-Bond to release bedding compound.  
Remove deck hardware 9/02     3/1/03    
Open up deck areas where possibly wet 7/03   7/3/03 Only one very small area needed repair! New core.  
Remove/check LPG system 11/02   11/02 Need to replace hose.  
Dismantle interior joinery 10/02   1/18/03    
Finalize interior layout/electrical schematics 9/02   1/10/03    
Remove electrical mess 12/02   12/02    
Remove plumbing as needed 12/02   4/15/03 Ended up removing it ALL...  
Remove delaminated sole 11/02   6/04    
Remove refrigerator 12/02   12/02    
Remove starboard water tank 1/2/03   1/2/03    
Remove deck handrails 1/1/03   1/15/03 Bought brand new replacements  
Remove companionway spray hoods, traveler 1/1/03   1/3/03    
Repair exterior teak as needed 9/03   6/04    
Sand/seal exterior varnish prior to deck paint 4/28/03   6/03    
Clean bilge 1/8/03   1/11/03 Also replaced keel bolt washers/nuts, tightened.  
Install HF ground & lightning ground 2/03     lighting ground strap from mast to keel to be installed when mast is stepped  
Drop rudder; inspect 5/13/03   5/13/01 AARGH! Rudder stock corroded. Needs replacing!  
Replace rudderstock; repair rudder 5/13/03        
Mock up battery box and new water tank for sizes 1/2/03   1/3/03    
Build new battery box, install new water tank 3/03   7/04 3 group 8Ds; 30 gallons water (130 gal. total)  
Add inspection hatches to all tanks 12/27/02   8/04    
Clean out 2 water tanks, fuel tank     8/04    
Install new fresh water system plumbing 3/03   1/04 Whale Quick-Connect fittings and red/blue tubing.... expensive but nice stuff!  
Install new raw water/ grey water plumbing 3/03   2/04 New top-quality marine hose everywhere, use Sealand Odorsafe for all sanitation hoses.  
Replace Vernalift muffler with new     3/03 Special order...of course!  
Clean water heater out and reinstall on new shelf 4/22/03   5/03 It was full of calcium deposits. Flushed with muriatic acid. New hoses.  
Install holding tank     4/23/03 Ronco 18 gallon in engine room.  
Install new DC electrical system 2/1/03   8/04 ABYC followed, all Boat Cable, Blue Seas, Ancor, etc.  
Install new AC electrical system     4/20/04    
Chainplates     5/03 Had ALL re-made!!  
Replace LPG system, new stove 9/03   8/04 Force 10 3-burner...barely fit in! Their online specs are WRONG!  
Check rigging thoroughly     11/03 Looks good! Will replace wire only.  
Engine room: clean, re-insulate, add shelving 1/1/03   1/04 Engine room soundproofing is PRICEY!!! Relocated pumps, etc.  
Replace sole at base of companionway and in walk-through 6/19/04   8/04    
Repair sole hatches     6/04    
Begin interior carpentry 1/20/03        
Build nav station to trim stage 2/03   4/22/03    
Build galley to trim stage 4/21/03   5/04    
Install new faucets, showers, etc. 9/03   3/04    
Build refrigerator box with shelving, thermostat, divider, new evaporator 10/03   1/04    
Install new refer with VIP vacuum panel insulation 1/04   2/04    
Build refer surround, lids, countertop     8/04 just needs lids built now!  
Test/troubleshoot new refrigeration     2/04 Looks good so far! Still need to check w/thermometer.  
build galley storage 4/18/04   5/04    
Finish salon carpentry     9/04 just need to install doors and shelves...  
Modify salon table     8/04    
Finish V-berth & aft cabin new storage     5/04    
Install new battery charger     4/12/03    
Install new Racor filter, service existing, set up in parallel     12/03    
Rewire  diesel engine     7/04 2 new 125 amp alternators  
Re-install rebuilt rudder     7/04    
New PSI Prop shaft seal, cutlass bearing     7/04 took out prop shaft entirely 6/18/04. Update 9/04: had to re-haul the boat and take OFF the PSS seal... did NOT FIT!  
Install new bilge pumps in sump, reconfigure manual cockpit bilge pump 1/04   8/04    
Service both Raritan PHII heads; reinstall; new plumbing     3/04 replace cracked bowl, remove electric unit, replace seals, general service  
New self-tailing winches (main sheet, reef lines)     4/19/03 Found second-hand  
Replace interior cabin sides 2/25/03   3/02/03 Plywood, epoxy, white formica  
Replace rotted headliner supports 3/1/03   3/04/03    
Clean and repair hatches and ports 8/03   9/03    
Replace salon headliner     1/04    
Sew curtains, sail cover, etc 6/04   8/04    
Repair and/or replace stanchions/pushpit     7/04 Commissioned new pushpit with extended sides for solar panel mounting  
Commission dodger/bimini     2/25/03 Dodger installed. Will wait until living aboard to finalize bimini design.  
Sailmaker check sails     3/01/03    
Buy new main, spinnaker, trisail     2/04 Commisioned spinnaker 2/04. Fully-battened main ordered 5/04. Try bought 5/04.  
Build new cockpit coaming boxes, shower box     10/03    
Mast step: clean, paint?     8/04    
Build new mast step base (wood is cracked)     8/04    
Install new nuts/washers on keel bolts & check 1/9/03   1/03    
Service through-hulls     7/04    
Remove hardware from spars     5/30/03 Not as bad as we thought!  
Sand, refinish spars     8/04    
Replace hardware, electronics to spars     9/04 Add lazy jacks, trisail track  
Repair any soggy deck areas 7/1/03   7/03/03 Only one small area on stbd genoa track!  
Reconfigure bow deck, install new windlass 8/03   12/03    
Sand decks     7/4/03 Neil's 4th of July....  
Repair gelcoat cracks, etc in decks 6/29/03   7/4/03    
Prime/paint decks 7/4/03   8/03    
Replace deck hardware, handrails 9/03   12/03 New Garhauer Traveller and Rigid Vang!  
Build cockpit electronics box over c'way     10/03 New wind/speed/log, GPS  
Make new interior cushions 2/04   6/1/04 Ultrasuede in Salon; Sunbrella elsewhere  
Make and install new lifelines 6/15/04   8/04    
Build & install inner forestay (& runners?) 11/03   10/04    
Re-rig, tune rig     8/04 new wire  
Remove name and hail 1/10/03   10/03    
Sand/prep sheer/cove and boot stripes 4/26/04   7/04    
Replace sheer/cove stripe and boot stripe     5/04 raised the waterline, new Flag Blue stripes  
Replace name and hail 6/18/04   8/04    
Compound hull 6/12/04   8/04    
Sand bottom     4/04    
Barrier coat bottom     5/04 Interlux "Interprotect" epoxy barrier coat  
Paint bottom     5/04 Pettit Trinidad SR  
Install windvane     6/20/04 gorgeous Fleming self-steering vane!  
Order cockpit cushions       not sure we can justify the expense now that we're cruising! Finding it hard to stick to our budget!  
Sand/strip interior varnish 12/03   6/04    
Build doors for interior storage     8/04 Our friend Dave Fields, a fabulous cabinetmaker, is making them for us!  
Interior finish carpentry 5/04   6/04    
Interior finish work     8/04 Bungs, varnish  
Exterior teak finish work     8/04 Bungs, varnish  
Install solar panels     12/04    
Build cockpit grates       Stan Murphy is making them for us!!.... (2005: I guess he is not. never heard back from him. too bad!!!!!....)  
Build dorade box(es)       Have two beautiful stainless dorade vents! (2005: this is not currently high on our priority list since our opening ports and hatches are doing a great job. When we're back in Maine?)