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We’re Stacey, Neil and Olivia Collins. We would like to raise a few hens as pets and for fresh organic eggs, but South Portland’s zoning ordinance does not allow it. (edited 9/6: now they do: thank you South Portland!)

Why Pet Hens?

• Hens ~no roosters!~ are quieter than dogs or parrots and when well-cared-for as suburban pets (not as farm animals) they don't smell.

• Fresh organic eggs are healthier for you and the environment: no fuel used trucking them to stores!

• Backyard chickens lead happy, healthy lives. Kept in attractive garden coops they won't roam into neighbors' yards (like some dogs and cats do!)

• Composted droppings make incredible garden fertilizer: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle!

• Cities all over America allow and even encourage backyard hens. They are fun, educational, and make good neighbors.

In the last few years, as the Green living/Eat Local/sustainable living/organic/recycle lifestyle has gained popularity, cities and towns all over America have been relaxing their chicken laws to allow 4-6 carefully tended, pet backyard hens for eggs. We're talking about hens only, no roosters (no noise!) kept in a pretty, carefully-maintained enclosed coop; raised by hand as pets and for eggs. Chicken droppings make amazing compost for the garden and the hens recycle kitchen scraps! Heritage breed chickens are calm, docile, and when hand-raised they become affectionate pets that come then they are called. Kept as suburban pets, and cleaned regularly, backyard chickens don't smell. In all, they make less noise and smell than many dogs kept in South Portland.

It’s fun, educational, healthy, and environmentally sound!

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