Zora's Wish List

If anyone out there has any of these items they would like to sell or donate, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at staceyneil (at) sailzora (dot) com or write to us at: Collins, 35 Keswick Road, South Portland, Maine 04106

Thank you!

Books and Charts-

charts and guides for the Pacific, New Zealand, E and N Australia, SE Asia, S Indian Ocean, SE Africa, S Africa, Brazil, including but not limited to:

***Landfalls of Paradise: Cruising Guide to the Pacific Islands by Earl Hinz

***Charlie's Charts of Polynesia by Charles Wood

***South Pacific Anchorages 2nd ed. by Warwick Clay

World Cruising Handbook by Jimmy Cornell

Cruising Guide to Tahiti and the French Society Islands by Marcia Davock

Guide to Navigation and Tourism in French Polynesia by Patrick Bonnette

Yacht Miz Mae’s Guide to Vanuatu (2nd ed), by Nicola Rhind

Cruising Guide to the Vava'u Island Group in the Kingdom of Tonga: The Moorings

Cruising Guide for the Kingdom of Tonga

Fiji Cruising Notes, Ha'apai Group Cruising Notes, Micronesia Cruising Notes,   Southern New Caledonia Cruising Notes,  Vanuatu Cruising Notes 2nd Ed

Solomon Islands Cruising Guide

Sailingbird's Guide to the Kingdom of Tonga

***Cruising Guide to Southeast Asia, Vol. 2: Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore & the Malacca Strait to Phuket

100 Magic Miles Of Great Barrier Reef : The Whitsunday Islands 7th edition by David Colfelt (or the older Complete Yachtsman's Handbook to the Whitsunday Passage, same author)

***Indian Ocean Cruising Guide by Rod Heikell

East Africa Pilot by Delwyn McPhun

Sailing Directions (Pacific Islands Pub. 126) (Pacific Ocean and SE Asia Planning Guide Pub. 120) and any others pertinent to circumnavigating via Pacific, S Indian Ocean, Africa southern section, east South America...


storm anchor and/or fisherman's/yachtsman's style anchor, the kind that comes apart for storage

series drogue (i.e. Jordan Drogue)

Para-Tech sea anchor

60# genuine CQR anchor