November 19, 2005

Update from Cartagena, Columbia

Okay, people. Our computer crashed when we arrived in Tortuga. That's why you haven't been hearing from me.

 After the barren Tortuga, the lush Aves were welcoming. There were paths, birds called boobies, and hermit crabs.


 When we arrived in  Columbia, engine disabled, we came into Five Bays, a nook surrounded by snow-capped mountains.



When we left, we came here, to Cartagena (car-tuh-hey-nuh). We went into Club Nautico, a marina, and had Halloween there. We went trick-or-treating then attended the Halloween party. (I was a demon. My horns were that of the 7# lobster.)




Now we have left and are in the anchorage. Mom and Dad went to the vegetable market and bought a ton.



p.S. All of this page-words, typing, photos-was done entirely by me. THANK YOU!


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