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May 19, 2005

Update from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

I haven't made an update since before the Bahamas so here it is. In the Bahamas I made lots of friends. Their boat names are: Alohomora, Linnett II, Taku, Adrianna II, Galadriel, Sangeala, Venerable, Oreneta and Mystic. While in the Bahamas, I went to a (local) school at Black Point. We went home for lunch, which is different from my regular school. The other cruiser kid in the picture is Jenna of Galadriel.

I also had a big bonfire at Big Major's Spot with Mustic, Alohomora, Linnet II, and Taku. Here is a picture of it:

At Musha Cay in the Exumas, we found 128 sand dollars, exactly. I kept nine tiny ones, three of them broke. (This may sound like a math problem, sorry, but it's a school day!)

At Conception Island, there was a mother dolphin and her baby that liked to come and play with us. On the other side of the island we climbed a big cliff and had a sailing boat regatta. We made the boats out of foam and junk that we found around the beach. My trimaran, the Fifth Gift, came in fifth place. What a coincidence! It flipped over to win. The kids that participated in the regatta were Jenna and Matias (of Galadriel), Martha of Taku, Margaret and Albert (of Mystic), David (from Contented Turtle), and the dad Rich from Galadriel.

After the Bahamas we went to the Turks & Caicos. My Uncle Josh and Aunt Lisa came and visited us there. (Check my mother's page for details.) There's one thing that only Josh, Lisa and I participated in at the beach, though: we built a champion sand castle town, with 3 sand castles, one field, and two villages. We made up a story about the people in these castles. We found a Coca-Cola bottle and used it as a rocket. It was very funny! We took turns making up the story, like this: I said, "There once was a princess, Lily", and Aunt Lisa said, "she had blonde hair and blue eyes," and Uncle Josh would say, "and she was in love with handsome Prince Whatayacallit." And we continued on like this for the whole game until it was time to go. The two kings were competing for their kingdoms and they forbade their children (Prince Whatayacallit and Princess Lily) from visiting each other. Here's a picture of our magnificent sand castles:

In the above pictures, I'm, making the roads and Uncle Josh is making Gramma Rosie's Heart Castle. Next is the Scottish castle of Door:


In April, in Puerto Rico, I got my hair cut short. I sort of look like a boy now, as you can see in the picture. It's better because I don't have to spend about 10 minutes every day having my hair braided and screaming. It saves my voice.

Now we are in Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. We met up with some kids on a boat called Flying Shadow. In about half an hour we'll go to the Internet Cafe with them. We kids will go to the game room and then maybe the beach.

The next update will be in a while, so goodbye for now. Next: Grenada