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June 17, 2005

Update from Hog Island anchorage, Grenada

Dad has just given me a brush that does not work for the paint he is using. He gave it to me to represent a broom in Harry Potter, but Daisy likes it more than I do! (You should know by know who she is.) I throw it for her and she brings it back with the bristle part in her mouth and the handle dragging on the ground. I am holding it at my side right now and she actually jumped for it. She's used to playing "fetch" with the Super Ball, but now she's using this brush! She also does this weird thing where she opens her mouth and sort of pants like a dog; I think it's because she's hot. She usually does it after playing. Does anybody have any advice?

About a week ago, I learned how to climb onto the boom, which is difficult because we do not have a hard dodger. (A dodger is sort of like the windshield over the cockpit. Ours is made out of  cloth so you can't climb on it. Some people have their dodgers made out of fiberglass.) Sometimes I read up there and a couple of days ago I ate my breakfast up there. It's very tricky right now because we have the rain-catcher up which blocks the winches I use as steps to climb up.

Last week we met up with Galadriel, who we have not seen for more than a month. They just left again last night to go to Trinidad. Jenna and Matthias (I think I have written about them before) are on Galadriel with their mother and father, Pam and Rich. Jenna and I and a couple of other girls used to have a club called "Sea Girls", but now it's "Sea Kids" since Matthias is in it too. We made burgees for Galadriel and ourselves, and whenever we're in the same anchorage we fly them!

We went on a tour the day before yesterday with Galadriel and Williwaw, who we just met. The girl on Williwaw is 10 years old and named Jessica, AKA Jessie. We went to a waterfall and I jumped off the miniature waterfall's cliff edge by myself. Then we went to the nutmeg factory and all the kids got nutmeg nuts. Then we went to the chocolate factory and tasted the light chocolate and the dark chocolate which they made from the cocoa. Finally we went to the rum factory, which my mother and father liked. They said that the rum was too strong, though.  I say the smell was really strong!

Here is the waterfall. First, Dad and I are jumping. Second, Jessie and I are standing side by side.

First, nutmeg factory. Second, cocoa tree (we didn't get a picture of the chocolate factory)


Crushing sugar cane for rum at the rum factory:


Yesterday we watched Harry Potter III with Galadriel and then they had to leave to go to Trinidad. Then my father and I went to a barbeque but my mother stayed home. She was too tired. I met the ten-year-old girl on Jackabite named McKinley and we played pool and watched a movie. We had a pattern when we hit the balls into the pockets: solid-striped-solid-striped. She will come over after lunch. Now I will choose some pictures!