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January 3, 2005


Marion, Massachucetts, mid-October, 2004. Dad was explaining our encounter with Poco the whale (see Mom's page here) on shore, when Mom and I finally got the right CD..... Madonna!

Daytona Beach, Florida, November 26, 2004. Mom was making dinner down below but she caught a lot of this. The sunset and the giant harvest moon are very pretty, don't you think so?

This is my room. That's just about it....... except for Disneyworld!

Orlando, Florida, December 2, 2004. Granny's terrific present to us was taking us to Disneyworld. The carousel, which I went on 5 times, was very colorful, but the music was delayed because of a "sword-in-the-stone" presentation. Later I went on it again and the music was on. We went on the roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain (eek!), Space Mountain (get me off of here!), and Splash Mountain (wet!). Only Dad and I went on Splash Mountain. Mom and Granny had no desire to get wet. Granny didn't go on any of them actually. In fact when we came off Big Thunder we thought she was L-O-S-T. But it turned out she was waiting for us right there. When we had lunch, Mom got a giant hamburger: and I thought I was messy! We didn't go on A Small Small World, thank goodness! We went on a bunch of other rides and took the trolley and the ferry, too. Daisy had a very good time (and was a very good kitty) at the pet sitter there (Disneyworld). Here are some of the other rides we went on: Pirates of the Caribbean (terrific!), Haunted Mansion (I got a glow-in-the-dark Haunted Mansion T-shirt as a souvenir), Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Granny did not come because last time we went to Disneyworld she sprained her toe on it and it still hurts!), Race-track Cars (I barely made the height thingy, I was just big enough!).

Christmas 2004: Very hot!!! It didn't seem natural for it to be hot on Christmas but it was a pretty good Christmas all the same. This is a picture of Mom and I with the wreath. We gathered branches from Oleta park and made it. That's tell-tale (sailcloth) material for the bow. Funny, huh? We were in Miami Beach for Christmas and we STILL ARE!!

Sea Girls is a club made up of Natalia and Danielle (of Oreneta), Jenna (of Galadriel, who we hope to cross to the Bahamas with - but that's another story!), and me! I am President, Natalia is treasurer, Danielle is file-keeper, and Jenna is the messenger. We all have secret names, but I can't tell you those: they are secrets!! Daisy is a small voter, since we were in a critical situation in voting for president. I hope to play with Jenna tomorrow, but Oreneta has left. That's all for now, folks!

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