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Hi, my name is Liv Collins. My birthday is October 2nd; I am 7 now. My favorite sea creature is a dolphin. My favorite land animal is a cat. I like to run races, read books, and draw pictures! I am going to write some journal entries here about our boat adventure from my point of view.......If you want to send me a message you can email me at mau(at)maine(dot)rr(dot)com. Here is a picture of me:

DECEMBER 30, 2003 I think that it is really boring to go to the boat when I could be playing! But I do get to watch a lot of movies while Mom and Dad work. We don't get much cable TV out on the island that we live on now (we live at my Granny's house since November). I really hated to rent our house out because I thought that it was really nice. I think that on the trip I might see a mermaid!!! Here is a story I wrote about a mer-cat, click the link: Serena and The Sea Monster.


MARCH 23, 2004 We are living at the Robertson's now because we are house sitting. I like to live here because I am not late for school and on the island I sometimes was. They have a cat and a dog. Here are pictures of them.

The cat is Brinca and the dog is Jubilee (Jubs). We haven't been to the boat much so there's not much to write about that! We haven't been to the boat a lot because we've had bad weather and the boat is outside. When we went to the Boat Show it was very boring. All I did was sit around. But when we went to the (CCA) cocktail party, I met Olin Stephens and even got his autograph in my diary!!!! Olin Stephens is a famous boat designer, in case you don't know. Here is Mom and Dad at the cocktail party.

Here is some "late island life news"...... I forgot to tell you that we've gotten into the habit of feeding the ducks. They are very tame now. In the spring, we think that they will bring their ducklings with them. It already is spring!!! Not much longer to go now!!! One time I saw an extra male besides Tim (the male Mallard of the whole flock). The rest are females.

MAY 5, 2004 

When I was out on my bike ride today, I went on the paths and I saw an osprey. First it was on the ground and then it flew up into the tree beside me. Then it flew away. After it flew away, I rode to the Moon Garden (a little patio that overlooks the water that has 2 chairs and a beautiful garden. It's a very good place to see the moon.) When I rode my bike over there, guess who circled and flapped above me? The osprey! The feathers on ospreys are very very pretty, even though they are dull brown and little bit of brown hinted to the white.

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