Links Useful information and a lively discussion forum. Local southern Maine builder of artistic coops.

ChickenCrossing- Online community of chicken lovers

Chicken Breed Selection Chart (not all-inclusive but very helpful!)

The City Chicken

Wiki-How: Keeping Pet Chickens in the City

Feathersite- photos of chicks and adults of most breeds

The Meatrix- Cartoons about where food really comes from. Yikes!

ChickenOUT!- Canadian site about factory-farmed eggs.

My Pet Chicken- a commercial site selling small quantities of chicks, with good information and breed-selection advice.

Omelet- a commercial site selling the groovy "Eglu" chicken coop, with useful information. Portable chicken tractors made in Massachusetts

Chickens Feed Me archived site from the summer 2007 campaign to get the city to allow chickens. Links to TV and newspaper stories and useful info for anyone fighting the same battle elsewhere.

Urban Chickens
Muddy Clogs
Urban Hennery

List of news articles about urban/pet hens through 9/07

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