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September 10, 2004

Lots of Places- We have gone to lots of places. Here is a list of places we sailed to, in order:

Pemaquid, Maine

Tenant's Harbor, Maine

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Long Island, Maine

Swan's Island, Maine

Blue Hill, Maine

Buck's Harbor, Maine

We are in Rockland, Maine, right now.


Sailing is Boring - (for me)

Sailing is boring for me. All I get to do is sit in my cabin and read. I don't like my life jacket but I have to put it on to go outside. Another name for my life jacket is, "Stinky horrible thing that should be flushed down the head!" (A head is a toilet on a boat. Flushing it is hard.) Sometimes I run out of books to read. Then I have to draw. When we are on long passages I sleep. Sometimes I take naps, even when we aren't on passage.


Blue Hill

Two things happened at Blue Hill. One was the fair; we also hiked the Blue Hill. The fair at Blue Hill is thought to be the inspiration for the fair in Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. There were Sheepdog Trials there. I won two prizes at the game booths and ate cotton candy. We went on the cool ferris wheel. It was right next to the merry-go-round so there was lots of music. La-la-la. I had a hot dog for lunch

Hiking Blue Hill was so tiring but it was fun. When we got to the top there was a big tower. We stood on it at least half-way up and saw our boat in the harbor. Mom climbed all the way to the top. Dad and I stayed down. I tried to catch some of the bright green grasshoppers that hopped around on the rocks. I did not succeed at all. We spent two hours hiking. That's a long time going up and down a mountain!


Yucky Yarmouth and the things I got there

The weather in Yarmouth was yucky! It was fog, fog and more -yes- fog! There was a little educational toy store where Mom got some of my homeschooling books and I got a cute little Siamese Beanie Baby that I named "Josephine". She is rare. I also got a 6-pack of those little bubble gums that you get from a gum ball machine... for 50 cents Canadian. Six of those from a gumball machine would normally be a dollar fifty! I was very lucky. Dad and I went to an abandoned house boat. It was an old fishing schooner that had a castle built on top of it. Kingfishers had a nest in there. At least that's what we think. We saw lots of them flying around. Here is a picture:

Here is a picture of the beach on Long Island. It was sooooo pretty!

Next.... a sail with Granddad....