Chicken Laws (and getting them changed)

One spring when she was 10 years old, Olivia Collins and her family decided they wanted to raise a few hens in their backyard as pets and for eggs. She called city hall and was told that chickens were illegal. Undeterred, she approached her local city councilor and began the process of changing the city's ordinance to allow pet hens. After a long process, in September South Portland's City Council finally voted to change the law.

All over the country, cities and towns are doing the same as their citizens become increasingly interested in sustainable living, gardening, and eating locally. There have been many, many news stories in the last 2-3 years about this so-called "urban chicken movement".

Here is a link to the archived web site that we used during the "chicken campaign" of summer 2007. Please feel free to use any of the information on it for your own campaign.

(More information will soon follow, check back later)

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